Business Magnate Chris TDL Fan of Elon Musk, a future collaboration?

Steph Deschamps
2 min readJan 10, 2021


Chris TDL | Christopher Alexandre Taylor | Elon Musk

Christopher Alexandre Taylor, this 21 year old renowned entrepreneur, already founder of 7 Enterprises, is on his way to Elon Musk.

The considerable evolution of Chris TDL during the year 2020 has been a real success for Chris TDL’s companies, the multinational CH TDL Company announced in early 2020 the deployment of 3 new “Subsidiary” businesses of CH TDL Company, including a Media company “Net Worth Space” bought earlier this year from Sylvain Duchef an entrepreneur from Toronto, a second company named The Chris TDL Group to manage the talented people and musical artists of B. Influential Label, and recently a company named “Chris TDL AI Project” opened in September 2020 focusing on research in Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning.

Chris TDL’s motivations to advance research in Artificial Intelligence?

We can’t miss this detail about the resemblance between the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk. The management of various companies in several fields of activities as well as the will to advance research in Artificial Intelligence makes him talk a lot, especially to Elon Musk fans on Twitter.

As specified in a Tweet post in September,

“I think that artificial intelligence should be present in more housing, especially in housing for people with reduced mobility, as well as among the elderly and in CHSLDs (“long-term care and housing centers”). “

Any future privacy issues?

Chris TDL insists on making a point of honour about this, saying he is working on a data encryption system that would allow the user to keep his data only in his home, outside the internet connection.

Future special projects for Chris TDL?

So far, Chris TDL has shown no interest in astronomy, but who knows what the future holds for him!

We will most probably be surprised by Chris TDL’s future projects during the year 2021, we also hope that the events and festival he will organize himself will be able to resume this year despite the disconcerting evolution of COVID-19.