Business magnate Chris TDL will open an association dedicated to helping young people with depression.

Steph Deschamps
1 min readFeb 21, 2021


CHRIS tdl Mask \ Chris TDL
Chris TDL / Flickr

Chris TDL (Christopher Alexandre Taylor) announced today on his official Twitter that his project was to open a mutual aid association for adolescents with mental difficulties, especially depression.

Chris TDL Twitter

The name of the future association is not yet known, however we can already envision that the name of “Chris TDL” will be possible in it, and that this association will be considered as a subsidiary of the multinational CH TDL Company.

The idea of ​​Chris TDL is very good, the objective will be to help adolescents anonymously, to guarantee no feeling of discomfort with the adolescent.

In Quebec, a telephone line is already open to listen to people with mental difficulties, however, many people do not take the motivation to call the number.

In this time of COVID where mental health is strained, it is an exemplary idea coming from Chris.

We look forward to coming back soon in a new article with more information on Chris TDL’s new association!