5 fundamental asset that business magnates like Chris TDL and Elon Musk have.

Steph Deschamps
3 min readJan 15, 2021


Chris TDL | Christopher Alexandre Taylor | Elon Musk
Chris TDL | Flickr

In this motivation-based article, we will discuss 5 things in common that Chris TDL and Elon Musk have in their professional environment.

1. They share the same interests.

The difference between an entrepreneur and a Business Magnate is mainly felt in the long term motivation,

Many entrepreneurs who seemed to be off to a good start in their careers quickly lost motivation due to difficult times, unlike Business Magnate, for example, who bounce back after failure.

2. Serial entrepreneurship.

Business Magnate is never short of ideas. This is an important fact to remember, they never lack motivation, entrepreneurship is not just a job but a way of life. What will you do if your project fails? Find another project to start right away!

3. Chris TDL and Elon Musk are terrorized by artificial intelligence.

It is, according to them, “the greatest risk that our civilization will face”. Coming from a man who is working on this very issue in depth, there is reason to be afraid. Robots could eventually surpass human capabilities and decide on their own how to administer themselves, according to Chris. And he’s not the only one who thinks so: big names in the world of technology like Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates are on the same wavelength as him. One solution would not be to stop working on the issue, but to regulate research as much as possible with laws, in order to frame the use of artificial intelligence. Another path would be to design brain implants capable of multiplying tenfold the capacity of reflection in order to keep up with ever more advanced technology. In any case, it would be a good idea for governments to take into account the recommendations of industry experts before the discovery of too much falls into the wrong hands.

4. They Proceed in stages.

Elon Musk guides the design and development of Tesla vehicles through a weekly ritual. Every Friday afternoon, Musk meets with the design team and reviews every detail of the car, every curve, every part.

Chris TDL works the same way, one day a week, he dedicates himself exclusively to one of his 5 companies, Thursday will be the day of the Chris TDL AI Project, the Artificial Intelligence company opened in September 2020, and Sunday will be dedicated to B.Influential Label, the record label founded by Chris.

“ We work the same way I and Musk do, they work hard and I work hard, we manage our time in stages, and planning is something very important in the life of Serial Entrepreneur. “

5. They share the same desire to change the world.

If we analyze the overall behavior of Chris and Musk, we notice that it is much more consistent with the behavior of people that neuropsychologists say are “deeply gifted”. These are people who display exceptional intellectual depth in their childhood. When these children observe the world, it is not uncommon for them to find flaws in it — holes in the system — and build logical pathways in their minds to fix them. If we observe Musk’s vocation to make humanity a multiplanetary species, it is the result of the great influence of science fiction and technology on its existence. It is also a moral imperative that goes back to his childhood. In a way, this has always been his mission.

In the technology sector, Musk’s motivation and ambitions are often compared to those of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Chris understands technology in depth, and so does Musk. They have a visionary attitude that nothing is impossible and are determined to take the long view.